A New Policy Framework For Translating Allied Health Research Into Practice

Professor Meg Morris 

Physiotherapist and Professor of Clinical and Rehabilitation Practice


In the Victorian healthcare sector there are more than 35 allied health disciplines and allied health professionals work in public and private sectors, community organisations, tertiary education, health promotion, the sport industry and private practice. A new policy, the allied health research framework, will be presented as well as the evidence based that informed its design. The framework is now being implemented state-wide and an update will be given on progress.


Professor Meg Morris is a physiotherapist and Professor of Clinical and Rehabilitation Practice, a partnership with Healthscope hospitals.  Her strategic leadership in allied health research, education and clinical practice is evidenced by her role as inaugural chair of the Dept Health allied Health Therapy Research Network, where she has worked on policies and systems to embed a research culture in allied health. Professor Morris is a Fellow of the Australian College of Physiotherapists and has a particular interest in allied health management of Parkinson’s disease, inter-professional practice, therapy outcomes, falls and disability.  She leads a large research team and has published more than 300 publications and has supervised more than 45 doctoral students and 5 postdoctoral students in allied health.