Digital recruitment: Evaluation of a video component within a values based model for new graduate Allied Health recruitment

Mrs Leonie Shaw1, Ms Lucinda Marr1, Dr Toni Withiel2, Ms Alana Jacob1

1The Royal Melbourne Hospital, Parkville, Australia, 2LaTrobe University, Bundoora, Australia



This case study sought to evaluate the feasibility and effectiveness of an innovative recruitment model for an allied health new graduate position at a tertiary Victorian hospital.


Single site, prospective, mixed methods research design conducted at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.  Thirteen 2019 new graduate physiotherapy applicants shortlisted from a cohort of 139 were provided with instructions to complete and submit a 5 minute video interview answering four questions relating to personal values, physiotherapy experience and clinical competency. Four physiotherapy clinicians viewed and scored candidates according to a metric with the top 6 scoring candidates progressing to the final face-to-face interview. Quantitative outcomes were supplemented with qualitative exploration of staff and applicants perceptions of the new recruitment model.


All candidates (n=13) supplied video interviews in the requested format. No candidates required technical or instructional support. Interviewer quantitative summary based on a scoring matrix provided clear agreement of the 6 highest quality candidates to proceed to face-to-face interview. Qualitative analysis revealed that interviewers perceived the video recruitment strategy to be valid, efficient and more effective than phone screening approaches.

Significance of findings to allied health:

In an evolving recruitment landscape video interviewing is an increasingly mainstream tool not yet explored within Allied Health. Video interviews designed to evaluate how applicants displayed behaviours and attitudes align with the culture and values of the health service may be a high volume, time efficient, valid and effective preliminary objective screening method conducted prior to face-to-face interviews within the allied health recruitment process.


Leonie Shaw is currently a Senior Cardiorespiratory Grade 3 physiotherapist at The Royal Melbourne Hospital and is casually employed by both the University of Melbourne and Latrobe University as an undergraduate cardiothoracic tutor. Trained at The University of Sydney, Leonie has extensive leadership experience across allied health and clinical expertise as a cardiothoracic physiotherapist, predominately in the Victorian tertiary public health care system. Leonie has recently completed a secondment to the Workforce development manager role where she explored adoption of familiar technology to innovative recruitment processes with allied health.