Supervision and delegation framework for allied health assistants and the support workforce in disability

Ms Annette Davis1,2, Dr Sarah  Milne1,2, Mr Mitchell Sarkies1,2

1Monash Health, Cheltenham, Australia, 2Department of Health and Human Services , Melbourne, Australia


Aims: (1) Increase understanding of contributions assistant workforces can make in the disability sector; (2) improve the supervision and delegation of tasks to AHAs and other disability care workers.

Method: The supervision and delegation framework for allied health assistants and the support workforce in disability was developed in consultation with key stakeholders. Training workshops were provided in metropolitan, regional and rural locations. An electronic learning module was also developed.

Results: A total of 176 people attended 25 training workshops in 2017-18. Attendees from a range of professions, positions and experience within disability service organisations provided 139 workshop evaluations. AHA workforce utilisation was reported across organisations, emphasising the need for governance of supervision and delegation. Familiarity, awareness, and understanding all improved post-workshop attendance in relation to the framework, supervision requirements, new delegation models, risk assessment and scope of practice. When asked about workshop goals, 125/139 (90%) of attendees responded positively; and an overwhelming majority of workshop attendees reporting higher than eight out of 10 satisfaction scores.

Significance of the findings to allied health: Demand for allied health services is increasing under the National Disability and Insurance Scheme (NDIS). In order to meet this increased demand, greater use of the AHA and disability support workforce is needed. The development of a supervision and delegation framework for AHAs and the support workforce will improve quality and safeguarding governance of person-centred allied health services provided to people with disability.


Annette is the project manager for the DHHS NDIS commonwealth and state funded project for greater utilisation of the assistant workforce in disability.  Annette is the Workforce Innovation Strategy Education and Research Manager at Monash Health and submitted a PhD in October 2018.