Improving hospital performance: The implementation of a new hospital-wide Daily Management System (DMS) and the integration of Allied Health

Ms Belinda  Cary1, Mr Simon Craig1, Ms Laura Steadman1, Ms Fiona McKinnon1

1St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne, Fitzroy, Australia


Aim: 1. Implement a Daily Management System (DMS) across St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne (SVHM) to improve service efficiency and quality across the organisation.

  1. Ensure that the local Allied Health DMS is successfully integrated within the wider organisation’s DMS.

Method: A Three-tiered daily huddle system was implemented across SVHM incorporating metrics-target review, daily readiness assessment and standardised problem solving.  Allied Health implemented their own local Tier 1 huddle and developed a process for integration with local Tier 1 ward huddles and the Tier 2 executive huddle to ensure relevant information was communicated.  A standardised tool to measure capacity and demand (the Dynamic Allocation of Staffing Hours – DASH) was rolled out across Allied Health to ensure flexible staffing was provided to meet demand and to ensure consistent reporting and metrics across teams.

Results: A huge cultural shift occurred across the organisation, with improved capability and multidisciplinary collaboration in identifying and solving problems.  This has resulted in significant improvement in organisational performance in achieving DHHS targets, as well as a reduction in average acute LOS.  For Allied Health, the DMS and DASH have enabled teams to deliver a flexible and adaptable workforce who contribute to problem solving locally and across the wider organisation.

Significance of the findings to allied health: Allied Health need to have clear local processes as well as integration within the wider hospital’s Tiered huddle structure to ensure a valuable contribution to a hospital’s DMS.


Belinda Cary is the Physiotherapy Manager at St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne.  Belinda has over 20 years post-graduate experience working predominantly in public health, both in Australia and the UK.  Her clinical background is in the Musculoskeletal field but she has been working in leadership and management roles for over 10 years.  Her current areas of interest are leadership development, clinical innovation and continuous improvement within health-care.