Allied Health Assistant Clinical Supervision: Fulfilling the entitlements

Mrs Lucy Whelan1, Ms Jamieson Sebire1

1Monash Health, Cheltenham, Australia


Aim: To identify the most satisfying type of supervision for AHAs, and to monitor its frequency.

Method: In 2017 AHA’s working across the network formed a working party to run a six month trial of clinical supervision types: Individual (Higher Grade AHA or Allied Health Professional (AHP) lead), Group with higher Grade AHA as lead, Group with AHP lead, and Peer. A satisfaction survey was designed and completed pre and post-trial by AHAs, AHPs, and Managers.

Results: The trial was completed by AHAs and AHPs across the network. This survey was completed 42:33 AHAs, 35:20 AHPs and 11:9 Managers (pre:post). It was identified there was a 9% increase in AHA satisfaction, 30% increase in AHP satisfaction and 34% increase in Manager satisfaction.

Conclusion: Overall the trial improved awareness of CS requirements. Staff satisfaction with CS frequencies also increased. Feedback received from AHA’s involved were that there was an increase in addressing concerns and improving performance enhancement/ development. Ongoing monitoring by the AHA working party is required to ensure the entitlements to CS are fulfilled.

Significance to Allied Health: AHA CS is an entitlement that must be fulfilled to continue addressing concerns and career development/enhancement.


Lucy Whelan is a Physiotherapist by background with a Masters Degree in Public Health and a career spanning over 15 years in Australia and the United Kingdom. She is currently forging the path for the Allied Health Assistant and Support workforce at Monash Health. She is passionate about quality driven improvement and appropriate governance for all. In order to align with their Allied Health colleagues and further expand and grow the roles of Allied Health Assistants, some large pieces of work are underway around Credentialing, Scope of Practice, Clinical Supervision, Professional Development, Referral/Delegation tools, Priority Tools and Students