We Are The Champions: Model for Facilitation of an Organisation Wide Malnutrition Strategy

Ms Kathryn Pierce1, Ms Allison Lauder1

1Western Health, Footscray, Australia



To utilise a Nutrition Nurse Champion Model in Western Health to assist in improving patient outcomes for components of an organisation wide Malnutrition strategy.


The role of the Nutrition Nurse Champion was initiated by the Nutrition department in 2016. 25 nutrition nurse champions were initially elected with representation from all 3 sites and across adult acute and subacute sectors. The primary task of the champions were weighing, screening of patients and improving the meal time preparedness on wards, also involving regular audits.

Regular communication and engagement with the champions was multimodal. Education of these staff was achieved via biannual Nutrition Study Days.


Patients weighed on admission in August 2018, has increased to 68% from 55% in November 2015. Over the same period, completion of MSTs on admission, increased to 89% from 72% (the target for both these KPIs is 80%).   In the VHES March-June 2018, ‘Patients receiving adequate assistance with meals` has increased to 73% from  exceeding the state average of 71.27%.

100% of Nutrition Nurse Champions (n=21) surveyed agreed or strongly agreed that their role was important in implementing the Malnutrition Strategy. All agreed they have a good understanding of the important nutrition issues and changed practice at the ward level

Significance of the findings to allied health:

These findings have demonstrated that a Nutrition Nurse Champion role can be pivotal in assisting to improve a number of nutritional outcomes for patients


Allison is a highly experienced dietitian with more than 20 years of working across a range of clinical settings. She has a particular interest in how teams working collaboratively can improve  outcomes for patients.