The Impact of Occupational Therapy in a Targeted Therapy in Acute Rehabilitation Program at Alfred Hospital

Miss Anna Kennedy1

1Alfred Health , Prahran , Australia


Aim: Alfred Health TtARP is a multidisciplinary rehabilitation program, staffed by a full-time occupational therapist, physiotherapist and allied health assistant. It provides increased intervention to patients waitlisted for sub-acute rehabilitation with the aim to facilitate discharge directly home and reduce hospital length stay.

Method: A multi-method service evaluation was conducted. Data was collected on admission and discharge to TtARP service, and included patient demographics, reasons for TtARP referral, planned discharge details and patient functional status. The Functional Autonomy Measurement System (SMAF) was used to measure functional outcomes. Staff survey was completed at the end of the program.

Results: Analysis to date indicates patients were provided daily intervention, resulting in 427 occasions of service by the TtARP occupational therapist. Intervention targeted the agreed upon goals (85%), with interventions predominantly aligned with the areas of self-care (214, 50%), functional mobility (183, 43%), instrumental activities of daily living (97, 23%), and functional cognitive rehabilitation (41, 10%). Full data will be discussed, including staff satisfaction and proportion of patients who transitioned straight to home (i.e. avoidance of rehabilitation admission).

Significance of the Findings to Allied Health: TtARP demonstrates the impact of coordinated MDT rehabilitation in an acute setting to improve functional outcomes, reduce hospital bed days and health care costs. Future directions of TtARP should include the adoption of a rehabilitation model tailored to acute settings to ensure clear goal setting and greater program promotion to hospital key stakeholders.


Anna Kennedy is a Grade 2 occupational therapist at Alfred Health with clinical experience in oncology, palliative care, chronic conditions and home visiting. She has presented earlier research projects at the 2015 National Occupational Therapy Conference.