Mrs Bronwyn Simpson1

1Austin Health, Kew, Australia


Aim: To introduce the home assessment service and provide evidence of an efficient service when provided by an occupational therapist whose sole role is to complete home assessments.

Method: Rehabilitation occupational therapists were spending significant amount of time completing home/access assessments, and the resulting reports/follow up.  When managing large patient caseloads, this time completing assessments and reports impacts therapy time available to patients. The ability to complete a timely home assessment was also difficult due to competing demands.

A need was identified to reduce the amount of time clinicians were offsite completing access/home assessments. An experienced grade 2 clinician was hired to complete home assessments two days/week. Therapists book visits for the home visiting clinician and provide bedside handover where required to ensure continuity of care. The home visiting clinician completes the home assessment report/follow up relating to the home assessment in collaboration with the primary clinician.

Results and Significance of Findings to Allied Health: Results indicate the time spent completing home visits for clinicians was halved and clinicians report they have more time to provide 1:1 therapy and other tasks related to their patient’s rehabilitation as they are not required to be offsite as often or spend time completing reports/follow up. Patients are satisfied with the service they received by the home assessment OT. No negative feedback has been received from patients.


Bronwyn is a senior OT in the Rehabilitation stream at Austin Health. She works within an incredibly dynamic team of clinicians who work tirelessly to achieve outstanding outcomes for every person who is admitted to the service.