Implementation of a Multidisciplinary Allied Health Training Program Centred on Student & Intern Supervision

Mr Trent  Wilkie1, Ms Elisha Matthews1, Ms Phoebe Thomson1, Dr Ruth Nicholls1

1The Royal Children’s Hospital, Parkville, Australia


Aim: Uniting Allied Health (AH) clinicians to share supervision ideas, learn about supervision practices in other departments and build collaborative professional relationships.

Method: A new multidisciplinary training program (‘Allied Health Student and Intern Supervision Snapshot Program’) commenced at The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) Melbourne in 2018 to unite the breadth of AH Therapy and Science professions, foster interprofessional learning and enhance collaboration. This program ran over 7 months and comprised 11 different topics repeated 4 times on average. Sessions were targeted across all AH professions and provided training in supervision principles, concepts and tools. A standard participant evaluation form was completed following each session, comprising quantitative and qualitative questions.

Results: A total of 18 AH professions were represented among 276 participants. The workshops provided participants with opportunities to learn, collaborate, gain insight into each other’s roles, and share supervision expertise. Participants reported that they would recommend this program to co-workers (average score of 8.7/10 where 10 = ‘Strongly Agree’) and identified numerous benefits including “Understanding how departments function and run their supervision programs”, “Seeing various practical applications and methods of supervision” and “Sharing tools and templates”. Further evaluation is being undertaken at conclusion of the program.

Significance of the findings to Allied Health: This program is the first formal training initiative to unite the AH Therapy and Science professions across RCH. Staff report a greater understanding of individual disciplines and how teams can work better together, which has led to increased knowledge distribution between disciplines and further shared training opportunities.


Trent Wilkie is a Medical Imaging Technologist and Clinical Educator in both Radiology and across Allied Health. He has over 10 years of clinical experience working at the Royal Children’s Hospital and in recent years, followed his passion for learning, research and teaching after being appointed in clinical education roles. These positions include developing and coordinating in-service education and training programs, providing tutorials and lecturing at various universities, supporting clinical supervisors and promoting interprofessional education and learning opportunities. In his spare time, Trent does his best to keep his two-year-old son from crushing his miniature dachshund with excessive love.