Driving change in research culture through knowledge translation.

Mr Owen Howlett1

1Bendigo Health, Bendigo, Australia


Aim: An organisation demonstrating an active research culture will have clinicians consuming, participating in, generating and translating research knowledge. The aim is to report on the development of a structured program to enhance allied health (AH) research culture and capability to deliver evidence based practice (EBP).


A review of the literature was undertaken to identify best practice for influencing research culture. Baseline research capacity and culture was measured using the validated research and capacity culture (RCC) tool in 2018 and by establishing a database of AH research performance measures. The program’s development was informed with input from internal stakeholders and a partnering university.

Results: A program is being established to facilitate healthcare consumers, AH staff and supporters of research to participate in knowledge exchange activities. The activities which will enable research skill and knowledge development are: (1) clinician driven knowledge translation implementation projects, (2) education and training, (3) engagement of healthcare consumers in research, and (4) leading and participating in knowledge generation research studies. The research translation program will be measured by the RCC tool, research performance measures and evaluation of the utility and relevance of the education and mentoring components of the program.

Significance of the findings to allied health: For clinicians to embed EBP we need the ability to understand, translate and generate research knowledge. The program aspires to enhance the capability and capacity of AH staff to provide an effective service for this regional community.


Owen is the allied health research translation lead at Bendigo Health. Owen is and occupational therapist by background and is currently completing his Doctorate of Clinical Science.