A way-finding video to navigate the Barwon Health/Deakin collaborative Health Education Research Building (HERB), to decrease anxiety amongst consumers

Miss Claudia Schlosser1, Mrs  Nikki  Lyons1

1Barwon Health, Horsham , Australia


As part of a 4th Year placement project, to create a way-finding video to be used by Barwon Health’s Student Coordinators as part of the orientation information which is provided to consumers (students, guest lecturers, actors who play simulated patients) to help relieve anxiety when accessing HERB.

A literature review and review of a past way-finding video was completed to highlight the need for further way-finding across Barwon Health sites. A short way-video for the HERB was created in collaboration with Marketing using universal design for learning techniques.  The video was evaluated using a survey, measuring stakeholders’ level of anxiety before and after watching the video.

Thirty-two participants contributed to the survey answering questions related to anxiety both before and after watching the way-finding video. 93% reported they would watch the video prior to attending the HERB and 83% reported that they would have no anxiety if they were required to access a specific room at HERB after viewing the video, compared with 68.75% who indicated anxiety before watching the video.

The video provides an accessible and efficient way-finding tool for consumers accessing the HERB. Way-finding to assist navigation decreases anxiety and will therefore contribute to the consumers’ positive experience of the health service. The resource will be a valuable addition to Barwon Health’s orientation tools.


My name is Claudia Schlosser, I recently graduated my Occupational Therapy degree from Deakin University. I completed the way-finding project for my final year placement. This project really spoke to me as it allowed me to explore the environment and incorporate my occupational skills into the finished product, while including universal design for learning.

I hope to work within the community setting in the future and look forward to growing my career as an Occupational Therapist.