The success of video and written implementation strategies for knowledge translation in nursing and allied health: a novel helix randomised study

Mr Mitchell Sarkies1, A/Prof Stephen Maloney1, Dr Mark Symmons1, Prof Terry Haines1

1Monash University, Melbourne, Australia


Allied health and nursing professionals are involved in the management of hospital presentations and the prevention of adverse clinical events. Ensuring these services are informed by high quality, contemporaneous evidence supports allied health to consistently provide the best patient outcomes through efficient use of available resources. In order to maintain evidence-informed practice in an increasingly complicated healthcare environment, allied health professionals may benefit from more effective dissemination of research findings. This study will present a novel helix counterbalanced RCT to investigate the effectiveness of video and written research implementation strategies compared to a no-information control across three health contexts.

The three contexts related to the benefits of exercise following deep vein thrombosis, use of bedside alarms to prevent falls, and falls prevention education materials without follow-up to reduce falls. The study was performed via an online survey to allied health and nursing staff at Monash Health. A knowledge test measuring alignment between respondent perceived benefit of the healthcare intervention and conclusions listed in the journal article was the primary outcome.

There were 119 participants recruited. Exposure to the video-modality increased the likelihood of a knowledge-test response that was aligned with the research evidence compared to the no information control (OR 2.61; 95% CI 1.40, 4.89; p=0.003), but this was not the case for exposure to written-modality (OR 1.39; 95% CI 0.75, 2.57; p=0.294).

Providing video-based evidence summaries to allied health and nursing staff increases the likelihood they will understand the main findings from research articles.


Mitchell Sarkies is a physiotherapist and health services researcher with an interest in implementation science. He practices clinically at Monash Health and is completing his PhD candidature at Monash University.