A rapid review strategy to identify allied health research assets in a start-up context

Dr Olivia King1,2, Dr Rosalie Boyce1

1Barwon Health And South West HealthCare, Ocean Grove, Australia

Monash Centre for Scholarship in Health Education, Victoria, Australia


Recent state-wide investment resulted in new allied health research capacity building (RCB) and translation roles in Victoria. The aim is to present the start-up strategy adopted to accelerate RCB through:

-Analysing baseline research activity and service evaluation projects using existing secondary data resources from 2016-18,

-Identifying patterns of engagement and mapping activity to the Allied Health Research Continuum

-Assessing research literacy and potential to convert research-active allied health professionals (AHPs) to higher levels of engagement, achievement and impact.

Research assets were identified via a review of secondary data sourced from publicly available documents: BSW and Grampians Allied Health Conference (2016, 2018) and the Victorian Allied Health Research Conference (2017) programs.

Programs were searched for evidence of research and evaluation studies selected for oral presentations, posters and workshops/symposia. This enabled identification of a cohort of research active AHPs in the BSW region. Content analysis will be undertaken to identify patterns in the research undertaken.

Patterns in the type and clinical focus of research will be identified. Interesting insights into the types of AHPs more frequently undertaking and presenting research may be revealed. Some projects will be identified as having potential to result in peer-reviewed publication; others may have potential to progress to research projects. Candidates for higher degree research may also be identified.

This novel approach to establishing the strengths, capacity, and patterns in research and evaluation work will contribute to a regional research strategy; facilitate community engagement and development, and provide a mechanism to develop individual researchers.


Olivia is a qualified podiatrist and credentialled diabetes educator. She completed her PhD (Health) which explored the role boundaries and differences in the scopes of practice of diabetes educators of allied health and nursing background, in 2018. She has recently been appointed (with Dr Rosalie Boyce) as Regional Allied Health Research and Translation Lead for the Barwon South West region. She also has an adjunct appointment at Monash University as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow. Her research interests include studies of the allied health professions, sociology of the professions and health education.