Implementation of a ‘Supervision Snapshot’ Program for Allied Health Clinicians

Ms Phoebe Thomson1, Ms Elisha Matthews1, Mr Trent  Wilkie1, Dr Ruth Nicholls1

1The Royal Children’s Hospital, Parkville, Australia


Upskilling a multi-disciplinary Allied Health workforce to supervise students and interns in an acute setting.

In early 2018, a needs analysis was conducted across the breadth of Allied Health Therapy and Science professions at the Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) Melbourne regarding supervision practices and training needs. Outcomes indicated the need for local training to upskill clinicians supervising students and interns and the ‘Allied Health Student and Intern Supervision Snapshot Program’ was developed. This new program was implemented over 7 months and comprised 11 different topics targeted at beginner to advanced levels. Each 45 minute ‘Snapshot’ workshop was repeated 4 times on average (total of 37 sessions). A standard participant evaluation form was completed at the end of each session, comprising four 10-point rating-scale (quantitative) questions and three open-ended (qualitative) questions.

Results: A total of 276 participants attended sessions and evaluation data yielded positive results. Participants reported that what they learned in the workshops would be helpful in future supervision (average score of 8.3/10 where 10 = ‘Strongly Agree’; range 7.5- 8.9) and they felt confident to apply what they learned to their work with students and interns (average score of 8.3/10; range 7.8-8.6). Further evaluation is being undertaken at conclusion of the program.

Significance of the findings to Allied Health:
This multi-disciplinary program has enhanced clinician knowledge and skills when supervising students and interns. Consequently, staff have reviewed current supervision programs and practices, implemented changes where required, and feel more prepared, empowered and confident to manage supervision dilemmas.


Phoebe Thomson is a Senior Prosthetist and Orthotist and an Allied Health Clinical Educator at the Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) in Melbourne. Her job-share role allows her to work clinically providing prosthetics and orthotics to patients, as well as providing educational leadership for the collective Allied Health therapy and science professions at RCH. This includes developing and coordinating in-service education and training programs, providing training and support for clinical supervisors and promoting interprofessional education and learning opportunities. Phoebe has a passion for education, teaching and learning and is a strong advocate for Allied Health.