Allied Health and Rotary Equipment Reissue Program for Hardship

Mr Brad Wilson1, Mrs Angela Mucic1

1Western Health, St Albans, Australia


The primary aim of this project was to facilitate the provision of re-issue equipment at no cost to Western Health patients experiencing hardship, in a responsive and sustainable manner.

Western Health Allied Health engaged Western Health Sustainability and Keilor Rotary to design the Reissue Program. Consumers were consulted during this design phase. Equipment is covered by a Rotary Deed of Donation, which states that equipment is provided with no guarantee or warranty. Equipment is available to patients experiencing hardship, and being treated by a Western Health occupational therapist or physiotherapist. Equipment is stored onsite and a volunteer manages the Reissue storage room. A sticker is now placed on all equipment sold or donated to patients, encouraging them to donate the equipment to Rotary once they no longer need it.

In the first three months (August – October 2018), 42 items have been distributed to patients in need at Sunshine Hospital. The most popular items were 4 wheel frames and shower chairs. Twelve items have been directly received by Sunshine Hospital, donated by patients and staff, with more items donated directly to Rotary. Further evaluation is underway examining consumer feedback and exploring financial implications on the hospital.

Significance of the findings to allied health:
This program has enabled the redistribution of equipment to patients in need. This serves to provide patients with much needed support for their health, and supports environmentally sustainable practice.


Angela is the Allied Health Education Lead for Workforce at Western Health.  Angela’s interest is in building leadership capacity within allied health and building skills in consumer engagement among staff. Angela has completed many consumer focused projects including contributing to the Minimising Functional Decline publication (DHS, Victoria) and developing the AH Consumer Engagement Committee at Western Health.