From the ashes …… the place of research in high quality healthcare

Professor Euan Wallace1

1 Safer Care Victoria

Victorian health care is undergoing rapid, government driven change to effect improvements in health outcomes. One component of this health reform is the establishment of two new agencies, Safer Care Victoria (the office for quality and safety improvement) and the Victorian Agency for Health Information (VAHI – a new dedicated data agency). Working with the Department of Health and Human Services, these two agencies are charged with responsibilities for supporting better, safer health care. No small task. In this presentation, the origins of the Victorian health reform will be summarised, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the Victorian health care system to date, and the road to reform will be signposted. Fundamental to improved patient outcomes will be the timely delivery of accurate data into the hands of clinicians. Clinicians will drive change if informed. Indeed, better and more meaningful clinician engagement will be a hallmark of Victoria’s health reform. How this can be achieved – and measured – will be discussed. The “new” data must include a louder patient voice. Worldwide, there is increasing recognition that the health sector has paid less attention to patient outcomes and experiences than other service sectors. This is changing and Victoria is committed to better collection and reporting of patient reported outcomes. Against this backdrop of the need for and delivery of better data will be a greater need for research to inform practice. Opportunities for research-driven reform in allied health will be highlighted, including opportunities for partnerships with Safer Care Victoria.