iSAP: an innovative case based learning tool to encourage health practitioners to share authentic experiences with future practitioners

Professor Marilyn Baird1

Monash University, Victoria

The aim of iSAP is to authentically re-create the emotive experience of the work environment of health practitioners for sharing with future practitioners.

The case based learning program is based on integrating Science And Practice (iSAP) and employs a design process to engage students in professional issues and clinical decision-making. Learning takes place at the level of pseudo-engagement with the health professional, providing a unique zone for intrinsic feedback modulation. This modelling environment uses the learners’ input of addressing the case professional issues and prompts for a reflective comparison with the model output provided by the expert practitioner. Supported with audio/video interviews, expert practitioner responses evoke the sense of tensions and pressures of the work environment.

In 2016, we provided access to iSAP within the learning management platform for adoption across disciplines in the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences. iSAP has been used or is being adopted for use across the disciplines of Radiography, Radiation Therapy, Ultrasound, Health Sciences, Forensic Medicine and Specialist Paramedic Practice.
The use of various media techniques in case scenarios and expert responses has provided the learner with an immersive, authentic practice-learning environment that inculcates all of the work skills required by the future health practitioner.

Significance of the findings to allied health:
Reflective capacity is a critical attribute for certifying professional competence and increasingly described as an essential attribute of the competent health care professional. Through the process of reflection, new knowledge is created daily by allied health practitioners. The iSAP platform encourages future practitioners to bridge the theory practice gap through the use of authentic cases and an iterative learning cycle of investigation, critique and application.