A Private Healthcare Journey through Quality and Research

Mr Andrew Currie1

1 Healthscope, Vic/Tas

Allied health clinicians play an integral role in ensuring high quality, evidence based practice in private hospitals throughout Australia. There are more than 45,000 allied health clinicians in Australia and more than 20 allied health disciplines.  Across Healthscope’s 45 hospitals in Australia there are currently 2,500 allied health clinicians, with many physiotherapists, psychologists, dieticians, social workers, occupational therapists, podiatrists and speech pathologists. The majority of patients in the private sector are funded by an insurance fund. Increasingly they are focused on improved patient outcomes. Healthscope has been a leader in publishing patient outcome indicators on its myhealthscope.com.au web site, for each of its hospitals. There is a large role for the allied health workforce to work with other Healthscope clinicians in order to improve the quality of our patient care, and resultant outcomes. This presentation will explore the quality journey Healthscope has taken to date to improve its indicators. In order to drive quality further than simple comparative indicators, Healthscope is working with key research programs to drive evidence based approaches to our care delivery, again designed to improve our quality outcomes. This presentation explores how managers and clinicians can foster and support evidence-based practice, through quality indicators and a research focus, and how this can positively impact patient outcomes, efficiency and reputation.