Allied Health innovation: Thinking strategically and differently

CaraJane H. Millar1, BHSc (SP), MHA

1 Allied Health Manager -Language Services and Workforce Innovation.  Alfred Health.  

In many daily situations people have problems to solve, many decision are quick, easy and efficient, “Which shoes to wear, what to have for breakfast?” others are more complex “What patients fit the prioritisation tool, which way do I react/respond to my partner/colleague or friend?” and some seem insurmountable, “How on earth will I fit everything into my time today?” Do you feel you need to solve a problem but can’t at the moment?

There are many things that will make issues/problems seem insurmountable and there is nothing like tight resources to make one think differently.  Hopefully you will find an alternative resolution –you can become more “innovative”.

This session will ask some of the key questions to identify a problem that could be considered in a different or innovative way.  The problem will be defined and key questions will be provided to consider:

  • Is the organisation ready for change?
  • Does this change fit with professional scope of practice AHPRA or professional association requirements?
  • How as clinicians can you be more daily-efficient to find the time release to try a new way of working?
  • How to evaluate, report and get the ‘word-out’ about this innovation?
  • How do you ensure good governance.

Thomas Edison was one of the first inventors to apply the principles of mass production and large-scale teamwork to the process of invention, hence he was innovative, he though differently and efficiently this session will encourage you to think like Edison and allow a safe space for innovation.