Allied health inpatient staffing profiles in Victorian hospitals

Ms Lyndell Keating1, Mr James Sayer1

1Healthcare Management Consultant, , Australia


To provide information resources regarding Allied Health inpatient staffing profiles, such as the average Equivalent Full Time (EFT) per bed by profession and clinical grouping.


Victorian public hospitals with multi-day inpatients were invited to participate in macro benchmarking. Consenting hospitals completed a survey regarding the inpatient EFT per classification for each of the Allied Health therapy professions. Of 132 eligible hospitals, 55 hospitals completed the survey (22 acute only, 13 sub-acute only, 20 both acute & sub-acute beds).

Hospitals that rated activity statistics as “good” or “very good” were invited to submit Individual Patient Attributable (IPA) hours mapped to agreed clinical groupings, from which estimated EFT was derived using an established ratio. Statistics data was submitted by 16 hospitals.


Reports were provided to Allied Health leaders regarding the average EFT per 10 beds for acute and sub-acute, categorised by hospital size and acuity. The reports also outlined the percentage of hospitals with each profession, and the proportion of grades and assistants for each profession.

Further reports included the average estimated EFT per bed by profession and clinical grouping, and additional comparative information such as length of stay and percentage of patients seen.

Significance of the Findings to Allied Health:

Allied Health leaders are required to deliver effective and efficient allied health services within fiscal constraints. The staffing analysis resources have been utilised by managers to assist with decision making regarding workforce profiles, and to modify staffing levels as a result of service change, growth, and other drivers.