Skill set matrix: A learning framework for occupational therapists at South West Healthcare

Ms Leanne Jackson1

1South West Health Care, Warrnambool, Australia


Through the process of revising the South West Healthcare Grade One Occupational Therapy Rotation Program, it was identified that a formal framework for accelerated, evidence based, skill and knowledge development, would be essential to guide a self-directed learning program to support Grade One Occupational Therapists.

Our objective was to support the skill and knowledge development in our Grade One staff members, in the rotation program, using an evidence based methods, in line with the Allied Health Credentialing, Competency and Capability framework (2014).

We developed and populated a “Skills Set Matrix” to facilitate skill and knowledge development in our Grade One Occupational Therapist as they rotate through our service.  These matrixes identify areas of learning, from basic, through intermediate and advanced, creating a targeted approach to the clinician’s professional development, in their current clinical field.  With the matrix as a guide, the clinicians are able to demonstrate their skills and knowledge, using the framework that is populated by evidence based resources.