Advancing allied health evidence based practice in the private sector

Prof. Meg Morris1, Mr Simon Keating2, Ms Cathy Jones2

1La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia

2Healthscope, Melbourne, Australia


Aim: To optimise quality in the private healthcare sector through embedding clinical research into allied health practice and culture.


Method: A new private-public research partnership was created between La Trobe University and Healthscope to generate allied health research highly relevant to the sector and to translate clinical research findings to clinicians and consumers.


Results: A new Professor of Clinical and Rehabilitation Practice was appointed to the joint role in April 2016, with links to allied health governance through relationships with allied health managers, quality managers and hospital general managers, as well as the Healthscope corporate team and the La Trobe University College of Science, Health and Engineering. The main roles of the professor were to be a knowledge generator, knowledge broker, quality champion and allied health advocate. New projects have commenced on patient reported outcome measures, health program evaluations and rehabilitation outcomes. Joint teams have been formed and funding gained to resource new joint projects. Publications, conference presentations, workshops and research higher degree student projects are some of the early outputs.


Significance of the findings to allied health: Building a culture of evidence based practice by strengthening the connections between clinical research and quality processes aims to optimise patient outcomes and patient satisfaction. Collaborative quality initiatives of this type also foster allied health staff recruitment, retention and discretionary effort to achieve workplace goals.