Evaluation of the Peninsula Health “management of adult vitamin D status ” clinical practice guideline

Ms Helen Stratmann1

1Peninsula Health, Melbourne, Australia


Aim-To investigate whether the “Adult Vitamin D Status Management” Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG)effectively informs evidence-based clinical practice in the management of  adult Vitamin D status.


Method-An online survey asked eight knowledge – based multiple choice questions on information within the CPG. Two 5 point Likert scale questions measured the perception level of information in the CPG and agreement with the CPG changing clinical practice. A link was sent out to Medical Staff, Pharmacists, Dietitians and Nursing Staff. Data was analysed using frequencies and medians (IQR).


Results – There were 87 responses with 87 – 98% correct answers in six of the knowledge based questions. Knowledge gaps were identified in the criteria for a mild Vitamin D deficiency (n=15, 18 % incorrect) and options for loading doses for a moderate Vitamin D deficiency(n=45, 54% incorrect).Staff reported a median (IQR) of 4 (3,4) that the CPG contained enough information where 4 was agree – however 18 (21%) of staff were unsure. Staff reported a median (IQR) of 4 (4,4) for the CPG resulting in change in practice where 4 was agree.There were 21 (24%) of staff unsure if the CPG changed practice.


Significance of the findings to Allied Health-These findings highlight the importance of checking that staff know and understand CPG information. Additionally they are a prompt to staff producing CPG’s to provide enough information to guide practice and to measure the resultant practice change.