Less writing, more talking: Using Zoom video conferencing to facilitate reflective learning during final year OT students’ transition to practice

Mr Luke Robinson1, Mrs Annette Peart1, Dr Mong-Lin Yu1

1Monash University, Frankston , Australia


Introduction: Exploring innovative ways of delivering curricula to undergraduate students that enable reflection and link theory to practice during an important agenda for all educators. Video conferencing may be a cost-effective and flexible way to facilitate student learning. This research project will evaluate the use of video conferencing to deliver weekly tutorials to occupational therapy students undertaking their final fieldwork placement.


Aim: To trial the use of Zoom video conferencing to promote student reflection and critique of professional issues via a peer learning approach; support quality learning and assessment; create a positive and productive learning environment, and inform future use in other curricula.


Method: A cross-sectional study using mixed methods approach involving all students enrolled in the 4th year of Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours) course at XXX University in 2016. Quantitative data of students’ online learning experiences was collected using the Online Learning Environment Survey, Constructivist On-Line Learning Environment Survey, and Social Media Learning Scale before and after placement. The students were also invited to participate in a focus group session to obtain information about their experiences of video conferencing.


Results: The findings to be presented will include the strengths and challenges that students experienced with video conferencing online learning in facilitating reflection on and critique of professional issues encountered in clinical environments during placement.


The significance of the findings to allied health: The results of this pilot will inform the use of video conferencing in both academic and fieldwork teaching and learning activities for allied health students.