Investigating the educational value of interprofessional workshops: A pilot study

Dr Fiona Kent1,2, Mrs Jo  Thorpe1, Miss Jade Courtney1

1Monash Health, Cheltenham, Australia, 2Monash University, Clayton, Australia


Aim: Clinicians need to recognise the roles of others and communicate effectively across professions in order deliver collaborative practice. Interprofessional education (IPE) has been proposed as one model of teaching collaborative practice. Both formal and informal IPE initiatives have been proposed. This study aims to explore the educational value of an interprofessional falls prevention workshop for pre-registration students on clinical placement.


Method: A quasi-experimental research design was utilised. Two hour interprofessional falls prevention workshops were conducted opportunistically with students from medical, nursing, pharmacy and allied health on clinical placement across two clinical sites at Monash Health. Another group of students completed an online falls prevention module. Upon completion, all students completed a multiple choice quiz and evaluation of the education intervention. Knowledge gains and evaluation feedback from the two interventions were compared using an independent groups t-test.


Results: Early evaluation data is positive. Data collection is nearing completion, and comparative results will be presented.


Significance of the findings to allied health: Although the call for IPE to be integrated into clinical settings has been made, the best format for delivery remains unclear. Furthermore, the measurement of knowledge gain has largely been self-report to date. This pilot study has demonstrated that brief educational workshops are a feasible and highly regarded addition to routine profession specific clinical education. A limitation to our data analysis is the validity of knowledge measurement under unequal test conditions.