What skills and attributes do health professionals need when working in the home to provide rehabilitation?

Ms Nicole  Shaw1, Mrs  Marita  Woodhouse1, Mrs Kylie Casey1

1Barwon Health, North Geelong, Australia

Aim: Home Based Rehabilitation Program (HBRP) services have acquired an increasingly important profile for both policy makers and service providers within the Victorian Health Sector. Research has shown that providing rehabilitation to clients in their own home has financial advantages and significant rehabilitation benefits.

Evidence from nursing suggests that delivery of care within the home can be complex and requires specialist skill, however there is no research evidence that demonstrates this for rehabilitation nor for client’s perceptions about the skills required of health professionals providing home rehabilitation services. This ethics approved research project sought to explore clients’ and health professionals’ perceptions of the skills and attributes required to provide rehabilitation services in the home.

Method: Utilising a qualitative methodology approach, clients and health professionals were invited to complete a survey that explored their perspectives on the skills and attributes required by health professionals who provide rehabilitation services within the home.

Results: Data is currently being thematically analysed by three independent researchers. It is intended that emerging themes will inform any skills and attributes by allied health professionals unique to providing home rehabilitation services.

Significance of the findings to allied health: Further information about this area will assist the provision of best practice, promote understanding of the skills required to work in this area, inform recruitment, retention and professional development and provide support to a growing service provision area in the health care sector.