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This is a provisional program and subject to change.

Friday 22 March 2019

0700 – 0800

Exhibitor Bump In

Level 1 Foyer

0800 – 0900


Level 1 Foyer

Opening Plenary Session

Rooms 105 & 106

0900 – 0905

Welcome to Delegates

Associate Professor Cylie Williams

0905 – 0915

Welcome to Country

Wurundjeri Elder

0915 – 0925

Conference Opening

Frank McGuire MP, Parliamentary Secretary for Medical Research

0925 – 0955

Driving Change – a reflective conversation

Donna Markham

0955 – 1025

Evidence translation in complex health systems: a global view through an allied health lens

Professor Sally Green

1025 – 1050

Morning Tea and Exhibition

Level 1 Foyer

Concurrent Session 1A

Room 110

Concurrent Session 1B

Room 105 & 106

Concurrent Session 1C

Room 104

Concurrent Session 1D

Room 109

Concurrent Session 1E

Room 111 & 112

Concurrent Session 1F

Room 101 & 102

Concurrent Session 1G

Room 103

Translating research into practice Chronic disease management Public Health; diet, exercise, lifestyle Public Health and human services workforce innovation Leadership and mentoring Disability and enablement Innovations in rural health
1050 – 1115

A New Policy Framework For Translating Allied Health Research Into Practice

Professor Meg Morris

Sitting less and moving more: A contemporary public health approach for the prevention and management of Type 2 diabetes

Professor David Dunstan

Why children’s fundamental movement skill development is important, how Aussie kids are doing and how allied health practitioners can help.

Associate Professor Lisa Barnett

Demystifying Innovation: it’s in your reach

Rebecca Power


Pathways to success: The role of mentors in developing emerging researchers in Allied Health

Professor Michal Schneider

Enabling exercise participation among adolescents and young adults with disability   

Professor Nora Shields 

Playing the Strategic Game: Time for some quick wins.

Associate Professor Carol McKinstry

1116 – 1133

Transforming the teaching and use of evidence-based practice with CrowdCARE: Crowdsourcing Critical Appraisal of Research Evidence

Dr Laura Downie

Falls prevention in osteoarthritis care

A/Prof Ilana Ackerman

Move Baby Move: Physical activity ‘messaging’ needs of women with gestational diabetes mellitus: a qualitative study

Anne Harrison

Improving patient health outcomes and hospital efficiency through innovative workforce redesign in pharmacy

Desiree Terrill

Implementing a podiatry prescribing mentoring program in a public health service: a cost-description study

Anna Couch

Presentation PDF


What factors influence technology use in clinical rehabilitation? A multi-site international focus group study

Dr Kelly Bower

Trialling a whole-of-person approach for improving retention of rural-based allied health professionals

Dr Cath Cosgrave

Presentation PDF

1135 – 1152

Translating evidence for the rehabilitation of post-stroke sensory loss: perspectives of occupational therapists and physiotherapists

Liana Cahill

The effect of a Mediterranean and low fat diet on liver fat in patients with non alcoholic fatty liver disease: Preliminary findings from the MEDINA trial

Dr Elena George

Can I eat that? – Nutrition knowledge and behaviours or practices of pregnant women and clinicians

Dr Amelia Lee

Presentation PDF

Frameworks for embedding a research culture in allied health practice

Dr Susan Slade

Presentation PDF

A rapid review strategy to identify allied health research assets in a start-up context

Dr Olivia King

Presentation PDF

Allied health in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS): Do you have the ability?

Annette Davis

Presentation PDF

PodCast: A rural and regional service model for podiatrist-led advanced off-loading

 Marcus Gardner

Presentation PDF


1154 – 1211

Improving evidence-based management and outcomes in community-acquired pneumonia: Effectiveness of a multidisciplinary bundle of care

Melanie Lloyd

A group lifestyle intervention program reduced emergency department presentations for people with metabolic syndrome: a retrospective case control study

Dr Casey Peiris

Communicating health – understanding the aspects of an engaging Social Media Post

Dr Tracy McCaffrey

Presentation PDF

Guardianship in Hospitals: A Health Services/OPA Pilot Project

Dina Watterson


What are the outcomes of Allied Health leadership?: A thematic analysis of executive level Allied Health Professionals’ narratives

Janice McKeever

Daily living transactions. Children with cerebral palsy (CP) who are non-ambulant are likely to require assistance from a carer and a supportive context to complete daily routines

Robyn Heesh

Non-traditional roles in allied health: an under-explored way to meet rural patient needs and expand rural allied health career pathways?

Dr Anna Moran

Presentation PDF 


1213 – 1230

Lightning Talks

Risk factors for medication non-adherence among Victorian patients receiving Home Medicine Reviews (HMRs)

Kyrillos Guirguis

Home-based or Centre Based Chronic Heart Failure Rehabilitation?

Katie Palmer

Strictly Come Dancing with Parkinson’s: a regional health service – community research initiative translating evidence into practice

Georgina Howard

“Communicate, communicate, communicate”: Advanced Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy services, enabling factors for multi-site implementation

Bridget Shaw

Allied Health Flow and Interdisciplinary Referral Management (AHFIRM) Program

Angela Mucic

Presentation PDF

Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG’s) and the emotional wellbeing of adults living with a physical disability

Anca Grobbelaar

Advancing rural allied health practice through health service collaboration

Daniel Baker

Presentation PDF

Comparison of spatiotemporal measures of gait in soft versus hard soled footwear

Simone Cranage

Presentation PDF

Factors associated with discharge destination from the acute general medical ward

Aruska D’Souza

Adherence rates to home exercise programs in older adults following hip fracture: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Lucinda Yau

Improving efficiency of referral triage for ambulatory pain management service for improved patient access and flow

Swapna Gokhale

Presentation PDF

Interprofessional collaboration at mealtimes in hospital: The need for cultural change

Ella Ottrey

Enhancing healthcare access and support for people with a disability and their carers: Working together to improve hospital experiences

Caitlin Wright

Presentation PDF

Development of an “Advanced Developmental Paediatric Practitioner” role – a one-stop-shop for children with developmental delay

Kait Brown

Engaging in an evidence-based osteoarthritis management program: Referrer and patient perspectives

Dr Christian Barton

The effect of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation on Chronic Neuropathic Pain in patients with Multiple Sclerosis

Dr Maryam Zoghi

Presentation PDF

Associations of dietetic intervention and maternal and neonatal outcomes in women with gestational diabetes

Julia Zinga

Allied Health Inpatient Service Provision in Australian and New Zealand Hospitals

Megan Jepson

More than just a Buddy: Implementation of a peer-support program in a private community neurorehabilitation setting

Pip Willson

Presentation PDF

Post stroke communication disability: a risk factor for falls in inpatient rehabilitation

Rebecca Sullivan

Presentation PDF

Identifying and prioritizing allied health research priorities in a regional setting: a modified Delphi protocol

Dr Renee Clapham

1230 – 1320

Lunch and Exhibition

Level 1 Foyer

Concurrent Session 2A

Room 103

Concurrent Session 2B

Room 105 & 106

Concurrent Session 2C

Room 110

Concurrent Session 2D

Room 101 & 102

Concurrent Session 2E

Room 104

Concurrent Session 2F

Room 111 & 112

Concurrent Session 2G

Room 109

Consumer collaboration and engagement Novel Allied Health models Student research higher degree symposium Education and development Mental health Cultural diversity, access and equity Cancer survivorship
1320 – 1345

Strengthening health knowledge and action through engagement with diverse communities

Dr Cathy Vaughan

STRIDE; ‘Service To reduce Risk improve Independence and Decrease Emergency admissions’

Adjunct Associate Professor Lisa Somerville

Presentation PDF

“Not just surviving, but thriving in a PhD and beyond!”

Professor Robin Daly & Professor Terry Haines

Clinical Supervision as an Evidence Translation Strategy  

Dr David Snowdon 

Scope, context and intervention: an audit of 554 mental health and health social workers in Victoria, Australia

Professor Lynette Joubert

Enabling hospitals to be more inclusive and responsive to people with cognitive disabilities

Professor Christine Bigby

The role of exercise and physical activity in cancer survivorship

Dr Lara Edbrooke

1346 – 1403

Drawing experiences of my loved one having a severe brain injury: Evolution in rehabilitation

Martin Checklin

Feasibility of increasing the dosage of inpatient movement rehabilitation with additional self-directed independent exercise: “My Therapy”

Dr Tash Brusco

Presentation PDF

3 Minute Presentations

Identifying methods for quantifying lower limb changes in children with idiopathic toe walking: A systematic review

Antoni Caserta

How does delirium affect allied health therapy after stroke?

Brendan Cutts

Presentation PDF

Evaluating the uptake of the ‘My Gym’ program and exploring perceptions of physiotherapy and exercise in a neurological rehabilitation population: a mixed methods study

Andrea Grima


Qualitative analysis of a ward-based risk assessment manual handling program

Helen Kugler

Quality of life experiences of parents of children with Autism in Scotland

Deepa Kuriachan

Presentation PDF


Healing rates in diabetes-related foot ulcers using low frequency ultrasonic debridement versus non-surgical sharps debridement: a Randomised Controlled Trial

Lucia Michailidis

Does the use of low frequency ultrasonic debridement pose an infection control risk for clinicians, patients and the clinic environment?

Lucia Michailidis

Barriers and facilitators to delivering an effective falls prevention program: an interdisciplinary allied health perspective

Rebecca Morris

Factors predictive of postoperative clinical outcomes in gastrointestinal surgical patients – A prospective observational study

Karthika Narendra

The success of video and written implementation strategies for knowledge translation in nursing and allied health: a novel helix randomised study

Mitchell Sarkies

Presentation PDF

A way-finding video to navigate the Barwon Health/Deakin collaborative Health Education Research Building (HERB), to decrease anxiety amongst consumers

Claudia Schlosser

The safety and feasibility of aquatic physiotherapy on falls and balance in people with Parkinson’s Disease: A pilot randomised control trial

Aan Terrens

An exploration of Social Work practice in Emergency Departments (ED) of leading Australian Trauma hospitals

Sharon Wells

Diabetes education retention: A Systematic Review

Julia Yuncken


Exploring student fitness to practise (FTP) issue identification and management with allied health clinical educators in a tertiary health service

Dr Melanie Farlie

Exploring social capital with older persons in the community presenting with mental health issues

Helene Cowley & Eli Arbel

Overcoming language barriers for radiotherapy patients with an instant translation device: A feasibility study

Darren Hunter

Presentation PDF

Patients’ perspectives on what makes a better care experience while undergoing treatment for oropharyngeal dysphagia secondary to head and neck cancer

Lucy Bath

1405 – 1422

“People keep saying I had a mild stroke, there’s nothing mild about it, it’s life changing”: perceptions of provision of information and education following stroke

Dimitra Chrisikakos

Presentation PDF

Early Rehabilitation Team (ERT): patient and service outcomes evaluation

Freya Coker

SENSeAssess: Development and Implementation of an Evidence-Based Somatosensory Assessment for use in clinical practice settings with Adult Stroke Survivors

Yvonne Mak-Yuen

The Pathways to Participation (P2P) program: A longitudinal evaluation

Dr Danielle Hitch

The early career Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander speech pathologist position: A Monash Health close-the-gap initiative

Alice Robins

Exploring nutrition knowledge, practice and education needs in regards to cancer malnutrition in the primary care and community sector

Jenelle Loeliger

1424 – 1441

Parents’ experiences of formal assessment for their child with cerebral palsy- a qualitative study

Bridget O’Connor

The STAT model improves access to sub-acute rehabilitation and outpatient services: A stepped wedge randomised controlled trial

Dr Katherine Harding

Implementation of a ‘Supervision Snapshot’ Program for Allied Health Clinicians

Phoebe Thomson

Presentation PDF

Mental Health First Aid for allied health clinical educators

Dr Kristin Lo

Presentation PDF

Training for health professionals on transgender and gender diverse affirmative practice in a health context

Andrew Wale-Corey

Functional pelvic floor muscle training before radical prostatectomy: A pilot study

Alesha Sayner

1443 – 1500

Lightning Talks

Consumer feedback in stroke and neurology ward design

Katherine Clarke

Presentation PDF


Improved discharge planning through a community & ambulatory in-reach model

Haria Lambrou

Evaluation of a ward-based risk assessment manual handling program on workplace practice

Professor Nicholas Taylor

Full Oral Presentation

Depressive symptoms post-stroke are independently associated with poorer perceived recovery outcomes within the first year

Katherine Sewell

Establishing the viability of videoconferencing as a method of increasing access to interpreters at Western Health

Anna Novak

Lightning Talk

The development of a nutrition care pathway for patients undergoing surgery for upper gastrointestinal cancer

Irene Deftereos

Constructing a grounded theory of parents’ musical engagement with their premature baby and emerging parental identity in a neonatal unit (NU)

Dr Elizabeth McLean

Up and Active: preventing functional decline for older people in general medicine wards

Melanie Haley

Which learning activities enhance physiotherapy practice? A systematic review and meta-analysis

Edmund Leahy

Sneakers not Slippers – Promoting cross-cultural connections and enhancing the health of multicultural seniors

Dr Myrla Sales

Technology supported self-guided nutrition and physical activity interventions in adults with cancer: a systematic review

Dr Nicole Kiss

Osteoarthritis, risk of falls and falls prevention – is it time to change our terminology?

Dr Sze-Ee Soh

Presentation PDF

Does the implementation of an e-learning package to medical and nursing staff improve adherence to dysphagia screening?

Nicole Reyes

Presentation PDF

What is the value of Spiritual Care? Patient reported outcome measures

Dr Heather Tan

Allied Health and Rotary Equipment Reissue Program for Hardship

Brad Wilson

Driving improvement for head and neck cancer patients with Gastrostomy Tubes through advanced practice in dietetics

Kim Lunardi

1500 – 1530

Afternoon Tea & Exhibition

Level 1 Foyer

Closing Plenary Session

Rooms 105 & 106

1530 – 1600

She believed she could so she did

Kerryn Harvey

1600 – 1630 Awards & Concluding Remarks
1630 Conference Close