Student research higher degree symposium – 3 minute oral presentations

Students will present a 3 minute summary of their work

13:20 – 13:45
Guests Speakers
Not just surviving, but thriving in a PhD and beyond!
Professor Robin Daly & Professor Terry Haines
Presentation #1 Behaviour change techniques used by physiotherapists for physical activity promotion
Ms Breanne Kunstler
Presentation #2 Health literacy barriers and enablers in the stroke rehabilitation
Miss Jaclyn Allwood
Presentation #3 The most beneficial music used in a therapeutic dance intervention
Ms Winifred Beevers
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Presentation #4 Nurses’ on-shift physical activity levels
Miss Stephanie Chappel
Presentation #5 Group exercise following hip or knee arthroplasty in inpatient rehabilitation
Ms Angel Ching
Presentation #6 Treating children with speech sound disorders
Mrs Lisa Furlong
Presentation #7 Monitoring activity in the acute inpatient setting
Mrs Sarah Gilmore
Presentation #8 Outcomes for high intensity functional exercise for hospitalised older adults
Ms Melissa Raymond
Presentation #9 Transferring weekend allied health services from the acute to sub-acute setting
Ms Romi Haas
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Presentation #10 Quality of life of children with calcaneal apophysitis
Ms Alicia James
Presentation #11 Cost effectiveness of gym and home-based exercise programs adults with chronic conditions
Mr Paul Jansons
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Presentation #12 Management of older adult’s sleep post-hospitalisation
Miss Aislinn Lalor
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Presentation #13 Effect of pre-discharge home visits following hip fracture on readmissions
Ms Kylee Lockwood
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Presentation #14 Development and factor structure of the Classroom Environment Questionnaire (CEQ)
Ms Carissa Lyons
Presentation #15 Achieving effective clinical allied health supervision
Ms Priya Martin
Presentation #16 Cancer-related fatigue guidelines in Australia
Ms Elizabeth Pearson
Presentation #17 Patient perceptions of telerehabilitation consultations post-stroke
Ms Melissa Prause
Presentation #18 Music-cued exercises for dementia
Miss Yasmine Gomaa
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