Friday 31st March 2017

08:30 – 09:00 Arrival and registration
Level 1 Foyer
  Opening Plenary Session
Room 105 & 106
09:00 – 09:05 Welcome to Delegates
Ms Kathleen Philip – Chief Allied Health Advisor for Victoria
09:05 – 09:15 Welcome to Country
Aunty Carolyn Briggs
09:15 – 09:25 Conference Opening
Ms Kathleen Philip – Chief Allied Health Advisor for VictoriaOpening Message
The Hon Jill Hennessy, Minister for Health
09:25 – 09:55 From the ashes …… the place of research in high quality healthcare
Professor Euan Wallace, CEO, Safer Care Victoria
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09:55 – 10:25 Leading change: The power of collaboration and thinking big
Professor Julie Bernhardt, Physiotherapist, Senior Principal Florey Research Fellow at the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, Melbourne
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10:25 – 10:50 Morning Tea
Level 1 Foyer
10.50 – 12:30 Concurrent Session 1
  Concurrent Session 1A
Room 110
Concurrent Session 1B
Room 105 & 106
Concurrent Session 1C
Room 103
Concurrent Session 1D
Room 104
Concurrent Session 1E
Room 108
Concurrent Session 1F
Room 101 & 102
Concurrent Session 1G
Room 107
Concurrent Session 1H
Room 109
Translating research into practice Chronic disease management Public Health; diet, exercise, lifestyle Public Health workforce innovation Leadership and mentoring Consumer collaboration Rural health innovations Group symposium
Guests Speakers
10:50 – 11:15
Improving care for arthritis through allied health-led translational research
Associate Professor Ilana Ackerman
The changing face of cancer: Living with consequences of a cancer diagnosis and its treatment
Professor Mei Krishnasamy
A cost effective approach to combating the diabesity epidemic with an integrated diet and lifestyle approach
Professor Catherine Itsiopoulos
Workforce futures: towards research-informed reform
Mr Dean Raven
A personal journey from one of the state Allied Health leaders 
Ms Donna Markham
What lies beneath: The power of consumer collaboration
Ms Katherine Lawler

Finding the innovation in e-health for rural allied health service delivery
Professor Teresa Iacono

Enabling better life outcomes for stroke survivors

Case 1 – Chronic Stroke Review Tool and Intervention Guide (Rev-TIG): an overview
Dr Kim Brock



Case 2 – Participation: the central domain of the Chronic Stroke Rev-TIG
Dr Tamara Tse




Case 3 – How can rehabilitation allied health clinicians contribute to better mental health outcomes for people with chronic stroke?
Dr Carol Silberberg




Case 4 – Strategies for facilitating goal setting when a person has difficulty identifying realistic goals

Dr Christine Graven



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11:16 – 11:33 Early mobilisation surgical management of fracture neck of femur
Ms Marisa Delahunt
Improving access for community and subacute outpatient services
Dr Katherine Harding
A novel exercise initiative for older adults
Mrs Myrla Sales
Credentialling, competency and capability framework (Revised edition)
Ms Catherine Radkowski 
Key issues facing the Victorian allied health workforce
Professor Susan Nancarrow
What about the caregivers?
Dr Kimberley Haines
Embracing change in the dental practice to deliver better health outcomes
Associate Professor Margaret Rogers
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11:35 – 11:52 SENSe: Sensory rehabilitation
Professor Leeanne Carey
Specialised physiotherapy for in-patients with diabetes
Ms Jacqueline Kay
Physical activity and participation in amputees
Miss Jennifer Langford
Allied Health interdisciplinary professional practitioner (AHIPP)
Mr Nick Ternes
Nothing endures but change
Dr Sze-Ee Soh
Patient and family engagement in goal setting in brain injury
Ms Jacinta Sadler
Redesign of joint replacement care pathway
Miss Laura Bowman
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11:54 – 12:11 Early detection for infants at high risk of cerebral palsy
Dr Susan Greaves
Bladder and bowel symptoms experienced by people with chronic pain
Mrs Cheryl Ludwik
Bridging the gap from hospital to community services
Mrs Renee Jervies & Mr Andrew Smith
Advanced practice women’s health and continence
Ms Robyn Brennen
Leading through building a research culture
Ms Donna Borkowski
Patients’ perceptions of weekend allied health influence on quality
Mr Mitchell Sarkies
The Heartbeat drumming program for stroke
Ms Sheila Smith
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12:13 – 12:30 Preoperative exercise training for non-small cell lung cancer
Dr Catherine Granger
Knee and health related quality of life in patellofemoral joint pain
Mrs Sally Coburn
Exercise improves glycaemic control in women with gestational diabetes mellitus
Ms Anne Harrison
Gait and lower limb observation of paediatrics (GALLOP)
Miss Simone Cranage
Building research capacity within physiotherapy
Dr Kathy Stiller
Patient centred multidisciplinary case conferences
Mrs Nicole Jones 
Youth disengagement from education
Dr Carol Mckinstry
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12:30 – 13:20 Lunch and Poster Session
Level 1 Foyer
13:20 – 15:00 Concurrent Session 2
  Concurrent Session 2A
Room 103
Concurrent Session 2B
Room 105 & 106
Concurrent Session 2C
Room 110
Concurrent Session 2D
Room 107
Concurrent Session 2E
Room 104
Concurrent Session 2F
Room 108
Concurrent Session 2G
Room 101 & 102
Concurrent Session 2H
Room 109
Disability and enablement Novel Allied Health models Student research higher degree symposium  Quality and research in Private Health Education Mental Health Culture, diversity, access, equity Group Symposium
Guest Speakers
13:20 – 13:45
Enabling participation in paediatric rehabilitation: challenges and opportunities
Professor Christine Imms
Allied Health innovation; thinking strategically and differently
Ms CaraJane Millar
Not just surviving, but thriving in a PhD and beyond!
Professor Robin Daly & Professor Terry Haines
A Private Healthcare journey through quality and research
Mr Andrew Currie

Students’ responses to a simulated interprofessional education intervention to teach falls prevention
Dr Cylie Williams

Suicide Prevention : The development of an evidence based intervention as a response to self-harm
Professor Lynette Joubert
Improving clinical management and quality of life in mid to late stage Huntington’s disease
Dr Caroline Fisher

Exercise physiology for chronic disease management

Case 1 -Establishing safe exercise for severe labile hypertension and hypotension
Professor Steve Selig



Case 2 -Multimodal exercise for advanced prostate cancer
Ms Niamh Mundell and
Mr Steve Foulkes



Case 3 – Exercise during very low calorie diet: Body composition, strength and function changes
Mr Dan Van Den Hoek

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13:46 – 14:03 South Australian NDIS experience
Ms Heather Baron
Hand therapy direct from emergency referrals
Mrs Yvonne Fellner
Click Here for Student research higher degree symposium presentations Clinician-led implementation of clinical guidelines for stroke
Dr Natasha Brusco
Research interest and experience of clinicians
Professor Nicholas Taylor
Psychosocial care needs of parents with incurable end stage cancer
Ms Vera Steiner 
Health justice partnership model
Ms Fiona McAlinden 
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14:05 – 14:22 NDIS impact on health services
Ms Brynn Lewin
Efficiency and patient satisfaction with nutrition assistants for a cancer clinic
Ms Lauren Atkins
Malnutrition identification, coding and costs
Ms Sarah Ryan
Negotiation skills and influencing behaviours for Allied Health professionals
Ms Anna Nethercote
Partnering mental health and primary health services
Ms Jo McElhinney & Ms Stephanie Aalders
Music and home-based music therapy for children and families from diverse cultural backgrounds’ in palliative care
Ms Lucy Forrest
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14:24 – 14:41 Unheard voices: patients’ with communication disability
Dr Robyn O’Halloran
Safe recovery falls prevention
Mr Praveen Mulinti
Multidisciplinary rehabilitation program following abdomino-pelvic cancer surgery
Associate Professor Helena Frawley
Multimedia knowledge translation interventions
Dr Christian Barton
Social Media interventions for young adults living with suicidal ideation
Mr Paul Dodemaide
APPlying technology to assessments of people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds
Ms Courtney Pocock
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14:43 – 15:00 Cancer survivorship and enablement
Ms Kathryn Rorke
Outcomes of an accelerated discharge pathway after spinal fusion
Ms Sarah Temby
Promoting quality and research in private community rehabilitation
Ms Kate Phillips
Integration of simulation to education of optometry students
Dr Kwang Cham & Ms Anthea Cochrane
Adult mental health: Implications for dependent children
Ms Lisa Hebel
Equity in healthcare resource allocation decision making: A systematic review
Ms Haylee Lane
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1500 – 15:30 Afternoon Tea
Level 1 Foyer
Closing Plenary Session
Room 105 & 106
15:30 – 16:00 Getting heard by the herd: The art & science of knowledge translation
Professor Iona Novak, Occupational Therapist, Head of Research at Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Institute, The University of Sydney
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16:00 – 16:30 Awards & Concluding Remarks
Ms Kathleen Philip and Professor Meg Morris
16:30 Conference Close