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Chronic disease management

Testing the perceived feasibility and acceptability of a conceptually challenging exercise training program in older adults: A qualitative study

Dr Clint Miller

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Inpatients with a foot wound undergoing revascularisation surgery, what is the time frame for improvement in toe systolic pressures? A pilot study

Miss Jaspreet Kaur

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The effectiveness of felt padding for offloading diabetes-related foot ulcers, at baseline and after one week of wear

Mrs Kate Waller

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Changes in walking performance in the chronic phase of stroke recovery using botulinum toxin, physiotherapy and orthotic management: Three longitudinal case studies

Ms Janine Simondson

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Distribution of spasticity in both lower limbs of people affected by unilateral stroke and the muscles selected for botulinum toxin A injections

Dr Ettie Ben-shabat

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Understanding the foot health of aged care residents

Ms Georgia Coombes

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Efficacy of occupational therapy prescribed home modifications: A systematic review

Ms Rebecca Nicks

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Efficacy of psychosocial and vocational interventions for improving return to work outcomes in people following an acute myocardial infarction: A systematic review

Mrs Sonal Wallace

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Exercise during breast cancer chemotherapy

Dr Steve Fraser

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Screening for depression risk using the Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS) in an older community dwelling outpatient population

Ms Nalini Natesan

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Using information communication technology to better support clients with diabetes

Miss Carrie Wong

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A number of audits to identify the incidence of self and staff monitoring of blood glucose in patients with diabetes when attending exercise therapy over a 2 week period

Mrs Catherine Davey

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Pain and activity avoidance in adults with chronic non-specific low back pain – a qualitative study

Professor Devinder Singh

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Self care action packs for diabetic foot ulcers in the remote Kimberley region of Western Australia

Miss Bethany Zubovic

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Expansion, evaluation and sustainability of a new paediatric multidisciplinary weight management service

Dr Robyn Littlewood

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Consumer collaboration 

Helping carers care: Supporting informal carers now and in the future

Ms Amy Heath

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“Brain Waves”; a stroke education program in community rehabilitation

Ms Ricci Presser

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Children with limb difference: Preparing for primary school

Mrs Alison Griffiths

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Are we meeting the wants and needs of our clients and their relatives? A survey of the Royal Rehab Brain Injury Unit physiotherapy service

Ms Sarah Fereday

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Allied health, non-government organisation and university partnerships building an evidence base for a consumer peer-led education program in youth mental health

Ms Cate Bourke

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Collaborating with consumers to enhance the communication skills of health professionals working in aged care and rehabilitation

Ms Ruth Townsend

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An evaluation of whether discharge plans meet patients’ requirements: A survey

Dr Kathy Stiller

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“Dining with Friends” An enjoyable mealtime experience for patients in hospital: Aimed at promoting socialisation and increasing meal enjoyment

Ms Natalie Lim

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Culture diversity, access, equity

Hands on health: Diversifying the healthcare workforce to improve the long-term health of disadvantaged communities

Dr Shan Bergin

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Clinical outcomes of hospital admitted acute patients with limited english proficiency

Mrs Emily Micallef

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Identifying and addressing barriers to safe and effective care of bariatric patients in a tertiary trauma hospital

Ms Jacqueline Kay

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What skills and attributes do health professionals need when working in the home to provide rehabilitation?

Ms Nicole Shaw

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eLearning programs are an effective platform to improve malnutrition knowledge

Ms Lauren Atkins

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One referral tool for AHAs – maintaining accountability

Mrs Lucy Whelan

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Cross-network AHA workforce professional development – how does this look?

Mrs Lucy Whelan

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A credentialing tool for AHA/PSO workforce

Mrs Lucy Whelan

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Competency framework for ACT Health Clinical Measurement Sciences (CMS)

Ms Kelli Rixon

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Investigating the educational value of interprofessional workshops: A pilot study

Dr Fiona Kent

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Standardising processes for Videofluoroscopic Swallowing Study (VFSS) clinics: Considerations at a profession and service-wide level

Miss Katrina Webster

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Creating quality practice education experiences: Impact of Barwon Health’s occupational therapy practice education program

Mrs Nikki Lyons, Ms Nicole Shaw

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Less writing, more talking: Using Zoom video conferencing to facilitate reflective learning during final year OT students’ transition to practice

Mr Luke Robinson

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“Being absorbed in that environment… it’s just so beneficial” – the experiences of physiotherapy students in a situated learning pilot study

Dr Clarice Tang

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Refining professional development programs for clinician-educators using their conceptions of teaching and learning

Ms Christine Frith

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Clinical supervision training – improving clinician skill and confidence

Ms Anna Nethercot

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Physiotherapists’ knowledge about dementia

Ms Patricia Maggs

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Skill set matrix: A learning framework for occupational therapists at South West Healthcare

Ms Leanne Jackson

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What happens on allied health clinical education placements?  An audit of current practice in pre-registration physiotherapy, occupational therapy and nutrition and dietetics

Mrs Kelly Saber

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Student volunteers supporting the inpatient breakfast group: A mixed methods evaluation

Mrs Erin O’Shanassy

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An innovative e-Learning tool for enhancing nursing staff competence in dysphagia management

Miss Hannah Toose

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Implementing a clinical education evaluation model for physiotherapy students and supervisors

Mr Thao Nguyen

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World Social Work Day Forum: Fostering a culture of sharing practice and research

Mrs Bobbi Henao Urrego

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Using technology to enhance the educational experience of optometry students

Dr Kwang Cham, Ms Anthea Cochrane

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Increasing research within a health service: A five year follow-up research capacity study

Mrs Michelle Petersen

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How well are allied health students prepared for client interaction? A constructive alignment case study of student-client communication competencies

Dr Renee Mackenzie

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iSAP: an innovative case based learning tool to encourage health practitioners to share authentic experiences with future practitioners

Professor Marilyn Baird

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Leadership and mentoring

Leadership and career development: The international leadership program in the Department of Social Work Services at Mt Sinai Medical Centre, New York

Ms Glenda Kerridge

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Taking bytes of allied health – The necessity of using informatics to advance

Ms Sandy Clemett

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Does clinical supervision of healthcare professionals improve quality of care? A systematic review

Mr David Snowdon

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The impact of leadership development in allied health on clients, employee and health services

Ms Janice McKeever

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Evaluation of the Peninsula Health “management of adult vitamin D status ” clinical practice guideline

Ms Helen Stratman

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The role of allied health leadership in the implementation of an electronic medical record

Miss Jane Carlin

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Direct, indirect and intangible costs of acute hand and wrist injuries: A systematic review

Mr Luke Robinson

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The organisational benefits of a strong research culture in a health service

Dr Katherine Harding

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Mental Health

Exploring the therapeutic role of social media for young adults living with suicidal ideation: an overview of a developing PhD project

Mr Paul Dodemaide

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Novel allied health models

The global tracheostomy collaborative: A multi-disicplinary quality initiative improving the lives of children and adults who have a tracheostomy around the world 

Ms Tanis Cameron

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Introducing reablement into a community health occupational therapy service: A living skills approach

Ms Mina Stevenson

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Can a new malnutrition model of care significantly contribute to reduced length of stay, increased independence and improved resident & staff satisfaction within aged care?

Ms Liz Purcell

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Complex regional pain syndrome: A new model of care improving patient outcomes

Miss Zoe Milner

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Allied health assistants in ABI: An interdisciplinary model with an embedded AHA workbook competency program

Ms Shaeron Murray

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Opportunities and challenges in achieving transformational change in allied health: A South Australian experience

Dr Saravana Kumar

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Giving a voice to people with chronic communication impairments: A feasibility study

Ms Michelle Sargent

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Clinic service review for speech and language-delayed children with cleft palate

Miss Carli Maddocks

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The wait is over: Early health care delivery for acquired hand condition

Miss Kelly Briody

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Driving innovation in allied health services for a health network

Ms Amy Thomas

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Transdisciplinary emergency department practice: Five years in, lessons learnt

Ms Jessica Toohey

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A pre-treatment speech pathology/dietitian specialist clinic for head and neck cancer patients receiving (chemo)radiotherapy

Ms Jane Harrowfield

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A retrospective review of the after-hours social work service in a tertiary-care public hospital in Australia

Mr Manoj Pereira

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Public Health Workforce innovations

Increased allied health services to general and acute medical units decreases length of stay

Dr Kathy Stiller

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Defining the role of an allied health assistant in hand therapy

Miss Laura Isherwood

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Perceived effectiveness of allied health clinical supervision: a cross sectional survey

Mr Marcus Gardner

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Expanding the scope of Advanced Practice Physiotherapist (APP) in diagnostic imaging: Results of an implementation study and ramifications for widespread adoption

Mr Adam De Gruchy

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A physiotherapy-led soft tissue injury review service reduces emergency department length of stay

Ms Caitlin Farmer

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An advanced practice women’s health clinic improves access to conservative management for continence and prolapse

Ms Caitlin Farmer

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The validity, reliability and responsiveness of the modified Iowa Level of Assistance scale in hospitalised older adults

Dr Sze-Ee Soh

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The impact on increasing workloads on allied health. What are they and what can be done?

Ms Janice McKeever

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Advanced musculoskeletal physiotherapy and telehealth – improving access for patients following joint arthroplasty

Ms Belinda Cary

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Leading the way for advanced practice in occupational therapy: Implications of a scoping review and workshop

Ms Annette LeongMs Susan Giles

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Profiling the general medicine physiotherapy service delivery models across major acute metropolitan hospitals within Australia

Ms Hannah Davies

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A co-located physiotherapist and sonographer led hip dysplasia clinic can improve family satisfaction, staff satisfaction, and reduce burden of care in infants with developmental dysplasia of the hips

Mr David Harding

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Improving access for foot and ankle patients on an orthopaedic waiting list

Ms Charlotte Cooke, Ms Julia Firth

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Implementation of an advanced scope of practice physiotherapist in neurosciences clinics improves patient access to community services

Ms Jan Quiney

 ePoster PDF

Consumer preferences regarding physiotherapy practitioners in emergency departments – a qualitative investigation

Dr Stephen Gill

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Review of dietetic documentation and clinical handover processes at Peninsula Health

Ms Alice Goodman

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FLEXAR: deFining Lumbar Extension, FleXion And Rotation in the workplace

Dr Cylie Williams

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The SWIFT Collaboration: Piloting social work trauma informed care in paediatric settings at three Victorian health services – the first six months

Mrs Nicole Lind

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“Right fit, right job, right time”: A new recruitment model for allied health in public health settings

Associate Professor Genevieve Juj

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Public health; diet, exercise, lifestyle

Dietetic and educational interventions improve clinical outcomes of diabetic and obese clients with intellectual and/or mental disability

Dr Kathy Stiller

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Keep calm and protect mealtimes:  But what is the evidence?  Findings of a systematic review and meta-analyses

Dr Kate Huggins

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The risk and opportunity of employing part time clinical staff in allied health

Ms Deb Mitchell

 ePoster PDF

The feasibility of moderate-intensity cardiovascular fitness training to improve peak oxygen uptake, function, mood and quality of life following stroke. A pilot randomised controlled trial

Ms Sarah Steinfort

 ePoster PDF

Does diabetes influence a person’s functional independence whilst in hospital?

Ms Jacqueline Kay

 ePoster PDF

Exploring older adults’ perceptions, motivations, barriers and benefits to a novel outdoor exercise initiative

Mrs Myrla Sales

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Creating a healthier GV – our vending machines vs. healthy choices guidelines

Ms Sarah McTaggart

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Quality and research in Private Health

Advancing allied health evidence based practice in the private sector

Professor Meg Morris

 ePoster PDF

Relationship between knowledge of pain neurophysiology and fear avoidance in people with chronic pain

Mrs Claire Fletcher

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Investigating nutritional adequacy and patient satisfaction of the free fluid diet at Cabrini Malvern

Mrs Bek Anderson

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Effective use of Google Calendar to increase daily function in TBI population

Ms Susan Petrie

 ePoster PDF

Barriers to primary care clinician adherence to clinical guidelines for the management of low back pain: A systematic review and meta-synthesis of qualitative studies

Dr Susan Slade

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Consensus on exercise reporting template (cert): Guideline development and implementation

Dr Susan Slade

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Rural Health Innovations

A new grade 3 allied health assistant role in diabetes and chronic disease management

Ms Heidi Manson

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Best practice management of the hemiplegic upper limb: Utilising telehealth to provide education to allied health clinicians in regional Victoria

Ms Jan Quiney

 ePoster PDF

Best practice management of the hemiplegic upper limb: Utilising audio-visual technology and a skilled facilitator to provide education to clinicians in regional Victoria

Mr Thao Nguyen

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Stress and anxiety management group for GEM inpatient rehabilitation: A pilot study

Ms Melissa Mew

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Providing the right health care to the right people at the right time

Ms Courtney Ward-Jackson

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Developing and expanding a collaborative regional allied health education model through learning needs analysis, and evaluation of content, mode of delivery and process

Ms Anna Sullivan

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The use of a pressure sensing device in a rural ‘Diabetic High Risk Foot Clinic’

Mr Adam McLean

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Translating research into practice

The feasibility of conducting a randomised controlled trial of the effectiveness of home visits by occupational therapists after hip fracture

Ms Kylee Lockwood

 ePoster PDF

Development of TANGO, a novel screening tool to identify co-existing causes of nocturia

Ms Georgie Rose

 ePoster PDF

Facilitating empowered selection of 24 hour posture positioning & seating intervention and technology

Dr Rachael Schmidt

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In-water aquatic outcome measures to establish hydrotherapy efficacy: A systematic review

Mrs Angela Mucic

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The impact of an adjustable dynamic response ankle-foot orthosis on the gait of children with neurological and developmental conditions

Ms Stella Kravtsov

ePoster PDF

Is clinical gait analysis useful in guiding rehabilitation therapy decisions in patients with spinal cord damage?

Ms Stella Kravtsov

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Eye gaze technology use for people with motor neurone disease: A systematic review

Ms Rebecca Lamont

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Clinical assessment and management of patients presenting to the emergency departments of a metropolitan health service with vertigo, dizziness or imbalance

Ms Melanie Lloyd

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Neuromuscular rehabilitation improves strength and reduces functional impairment following moderate-severe wrist injury

Ms Hayley O’Sullivan

 ePoster PDF

Hospital food service interventions and their effect on nutritional outcomes of cancer patients

Ms Elizabeth Doyle

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Merging research and advanced clinical knowledge: An illustration from paediatric hand therapy

Ms Rose Biggins

 ePoster PDF

Expiratory muscle strength training improves swallowing and respiratory outcomes in people with dysphagia: A systematic review

Ms Rebecca Lamont

 ePoster PDF

Development of the Translating Allied Health Knowledge (TAHK) benchmarking tool

Dr Danielle Hitch

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Using audit and feedback to change practice: Embedding clinical practice guidelines in acquired brain injury rehabilitation

Ms Rebecca Nicks

 ePoster PDF

Removing barriers to evidence translation: Facilitating clinician and patient uptake of evidence-based stroke rehabilitation

Mrs Tanya Seymour

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A novel tool for engaging eye care clinicians in patient education about the ocular health risks of tobacco smoking

Dr Laura Downie

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Can evidence-based practice be disempowering for allied health clinicians? An exploration of the experiences of speech pathologists working in acute aphasia management

Dr Abby Foster

ePoster PDF

Speech-language pathology in paediatric palliative care: A scoping review of role and practice

Ms Lillian Krikheli

ePoster PDF

Assessing lower limb spasticity – translating research findings into practice

Dr Ettie Ben-shabat

 ePoster PDF

Evaluation of a clinical practice guideline for the physiotherapy management of abdominal surgery patients

Ms Kristy May

ePoster PDF

Translating practice into research: Outcomes from a successful health service / university partnership

Ms Sue Rowan

 ePoster PDF

Effectiveness of a tailored Evidence Based Practice (EBP) education program for speech pathologists

Ms Sally Brinkmann

 ePoster PDF

There is an evidence practice gap in patellofemoral pain that can be bridged

Dr Christian Barton

 ePoster PDF

Do footwear styles cause falls or increase falls risk in older women? A systematic review

Ms Annette Davis

ePoster PDF

A phase 1 proof of concept study of the Austin ICAP (Intensive Comprehensive Aphasia Program) for chronic post-stroke aphasia

Ms Lauren Kovesy

ePoster PDF

Moving forward: Barriers and enablers to mobility in a sub-acute setting

Mrs Prue McRae

ePoster PDF

Goal attainment scaling within a community-based multidisciplinary neurorehabilitation service: behaviour change and knowledge translation

Ms Amy Jesse

 ePoster PDF

The use of goal attainment scaling to measure the outcomes of a community based occupational therapy service for adults with traumatic brain injury

Ms Claire Sauvarin

 ePoster PDF

Does the addition of two home visits to usual care improve outcomes for patients with balance impairments?

Mr Craig Whitbourne

ePoster PDF

Physical activity levels in people with Parkinson’s disease who have deep brain stimulation

Ms Mary Danoudis

ePoster PDF

Implications of interrupted sleep subsequent to hospitalisation for older adults: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Miss Aislinn Lalor

 ePoster PDF

Evaluating the impact of community rehabilitation on health-related quality of life

Mr Simon Mathieson

ePoster PDF

Pilates program design and health benefits for pregnant women: A practitioners’ survey

Ms Melissa Mazzarino

 ePoster PDF

Do supports and barriers to routine clinical assessment for children with cerebral palsy change over time? A mixed methods study

Professor Christine Imms

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