A credentialing tool for AHA/PSO workforce

Mrs Lucy Whelan1

1Monash Health, Cheltenham, Australia


Aim: Monash Health Allied Health’s Competency and Credentialing Framework is well established and implemented however it has not previously included AHAs or Psychiatric Service Officers (PSOs) who are the Mental Health equivalent of the AHA workforce and have recently come under Allied Health governance at Monash Health. The aim was to write the document which would encompass this workforce under the same credentialing framework as their allied health professional peers.

Method: Extensive consultation with Monash Health Allied Health Managers and Credentialing and Scope of Practice Committee.

Results: A credentialing document covering the skills we expect of a Grade Two or Grade Three AHA, on recruitment and to be learned on the job. Each additional skill has a learning and assessment package attached to it.

Significance of the findings to Allied Health: We have developed a tool such that any AHA or PSO can prove their skills anywhere they go through the means of this document, such that expectations of performance can be clear and set and learning goals worked towards in a transparent manner.