Facilitating empowered selection of 24 hour posture positioning & seating intervention and technology

Dr Rachael Schmidt1

1Schmidt Consultancy, South Yarra, Australia


Introduction: A National Disability Insurance Scheme environment promotes a person-directed decision making process for selecting assistive technology (AT) and services for Australians living with complex mobility disabilities. The challenge of selecting appropriate 24 hour Posture Positioning & Seating management systems for complex mobility-postural needs is acknowledged as a complex, multi-varied process. It involves multiple stakeholders, requires effective person-centred collaboration and information exchange that empowers confident personalised decision making.

Aim: This paper exposes essential components useful for empowering person-directed selection of appropriate 24 hour posture, positioning and seating technology for complex disabilities.

Method: A recent critique of evidence based data pertaining to 24 hour Posture Positioning & Seating assistive technology, management, programme and intervention was undertaken. A literature critique aimed at eliciting essential evidence elements that enhance working collaborations; person-centred service provision and decision making during selection of positioning-postural technology.

Findings: Data critique show effective selection of 24 hour Posture Positioning & Seating technology occurs at three levels: at a service level, at a clinical level and at personal level. At a service level: effective person-directed selection of appropriate 24 hour intervention requires accessible, transparent and trustworthy service relationships. At a clinical level: developing trusting partnerships enable stakeholder collaborations and empower confident decision making. At a personal level: personal satisfaction with the technology is a measure of how it transforms their life, enhances their engagement in meaningful occupations, that promotes personal wellness and theirs/family’s quality of life.

Conclusion: Data presented provides service transparency and provider strategies for empowering person-directed decision making, during the selection of Posture Positioning & Seating technology.