“Right fit, right job, right time”: A new recruitment model for allied health in public health settings

Genevieve Juj1, Tamilla Azi1

1The Royal Melbourne Hospital, Melbourne, Australia


Recruiting clinicians who have the behaviours and attitudes that align with the culture, ethics, values and strategic intent of an organisation is critical to growing the public health workforce in allied health. Traditional interview methods focus on clinical skills and competency. Private industry utilises different approaches to recruitment. A new recruitment model was trialled in Allied Health over a 12 month period using a telephone screening process, chronological in depth structured interview, consumer connection and an emphasis on reference checks throughout the process based on the New Balance methodology.


Pre data was collated to indicate the current state of recruitment in Allied Health. A new critical model with a value based conversation was designed, incorporating a pre-screening telephone call for clinical skill, narrative face to face in depth conversation with 1-2 applicants per position, use of consumers on panels and reference checks spoken of throughout the process.

All recruiting managers undertook training in the new model. During implementation, monitoring of adherence to model and focus groups occurred.

The model was implemented for 12 months and reassessed using the same indicators from the pre data collection.


The 12 month trial will be completed in June 2016.

A mixed methods evaluation will be used to explore the benefits and limitations of the model, incorporating (1) quantitative data on employee suitability (interview rate, acceptance rates, retention, and performance management), (2) qualitative analysis of the experiences of applicants (3) qualitative analysis of the feedback from allied health managers performing recruitment compared to pre implementation data.