Leadership and career development: The international leadership program in the Department of Social Work Services at Mt Sinai Medical Centre, New York

Ms Glenda Kerridge1

Eastern Health, Box Hill, Australia



To demonstrate the expansion of personal career development and health leadership capability from the Mt Sinai International Development of Leadership Program, with perspectives of international models of health care.


The author attended an 8-week Program in the Department of Social Work Services, involving meetings with senior staff and heads of programs at Mount Sinai Medical Centre and other agencies in New York, and seminars on many aspects of health leadership. Scholars also participated in a course on practitioner research, with numerous opportunities to shape the Program to the author’s own needs and interests, including health leadership, interprofessional practice and family violence.

The Program promotes personal reflection and growth.


The author will present reflections on the intersection of practice, policy and the leadership role in an international context and the exchange of ideas and solutions between health leaders on common issues

SIGNIFICANCE OF THE FINDINGS TO ALLIED HEALTH The Program will provide important learning from this prominent American hospital, which extend the worldview of allied health professionals. Personal experiences and learning from this leadership program will broaden the understanding of allied health capabilities from an international perspective, and pose questions around the possibilities for allied health within the Australian health system.