Patient centred multidisciplinary case conferences

Mrs Nicole Jones1, Mr Brett Walters1

1GV Health, Shepparton, Australia

Aim: To improve patient centred goal setting in case conference on the subacute ward and improve patient centred communication through clearer definition of the patient liaison role.

Method: As part of an Allied Health Redesign Project, best practice for a multidisciplinary team (MDT) case conference was benchmarked. A patient questionnaire was conducted to ascertain patient views and awareness of goal setting, case conference and progress updates during their stay on the ward. New case conference documents were trialled and implemented with specific focus on goal setting. A standard work practice for the subacute liaison role was created along with an initial contact sticker with prepopulated questions. Evaluation included repeating the patient questionnaire and seeking feedback from staff in response to the changes.

Results: Preliminary results show from 17 patients surveyed before intervention, only one (5.9%) was aware of having a liaison assigned, four (24%) had been asked what goals they wanted to achieve and were involved in setting goals and two (12%) were aware of case conferences. Eleven patients (65%) didn’t feel they were part of the discharge decision making process, of which 82% would have liked to be included. These results highlighted MDT case conference gaps, which shaped changes implemented. Post intervention results will be available at project completion.

Significance of the findings to allied health: As a result of the redesign project there is emerging evidence of improved teamwork and communication along with an enhanced Allied Health profile in the subacute ward.